Oh I do like to walk along the prom prom prom


After our frankly triumphant gig at the St Moritz a month ago things have outwardly been a bit quiet here, partly because some of us have been on our summer holidays, but also because we’ve been buckling down and are doing our first proper demo tape (which appears to be what most people still call it, despite the fact that tape has nothing to do with it). We seem to work well in the studio, and are certainly enjoying the hell out of the process. Watch this space for more details shortly!

Meantime, though, last night four of us (minus Blacksnip, who couldn’t make it) went out to the Proms in the Park, in honour of Camrath’s birthday. It was interesting to note how the different band members responded to the entertainment in different ways:

Shazomei sat, rapt, listening to every piece of music on offer

Ullan sang along to everything, and despite being Belgian knew all the words (including the various British patriotic songs for which the majority of the audience knew about two lines of the lyrics)

Klepsie sat scribbling in a songwriting notebook (“so I don’t have to listen to Westlife”)

And Camrath went to the bratwurst van.

Afterwards, drink flowed, and people became a little silly. Ullan danced a hornpipe; we turned “Rule Britannia” into a barbershop quartet; and then we sang Monty Python’s “Knights of the Round Table” lyrics when the concert got to “Land of Hope and Glory”. I don’t know how we avoided being lynched, or arrested for treason.

A good night.

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