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Ahoy there once more. Here’s a quick bunch of updates for you.

Apologies, first off, for the cancellation of the Standard gig on 21 July due to circumstances beyond our control, and indeed the control of the promoter. We’re still trying to sort out a replacement date there before the Standard closes for good (yes, afraid so) in December. We’ll confirm as soon as we know. Meantime, Club Bus Wind, which has been putting on local talent at the Standard for lo, these many years, is planning to continue by hook or by crook at whatever other venue promoter Gary King can find; he’s been looking everywhere from Chingford to Southend (!). Fingers crossed.

Happier news, though, is that on Friday 12 August we’ve been invited to play Club For Losers, a night of punk, lo-fi, goth, and general rootsy rock at the St Moritz club, Soho. Full details are on the flyer (whose design we’re rather proud of — we work on these things, you know) on this very site. (Kudos to Nick Cramp, one of our cleverest fans as well as one of our loyalest, who instantly spotted where we nicked it from.)

In short, though, the doors open at 10pm and we’re first on. So all you hard-working types have time to get home,eat dinner, chill, and change into your clubbing finery. Should you so desire you can stay on after we’ve played for two more bands and then clubbing till 3.30 in the morning (oh, such debauchery!)

We hope that if you’re reading this you’re already following us on Facebook and/or Twitter, but if not, why not? You’re missing our small but perfectly formed (and much more frequent than this blog) pearls of wisdom. Also, we’d rather like to get above 100 followers on Twitter, because we’re insecure and worry that nobody wubs us. Frank Turner has 32,000 followers and there’s only one of him; we have to share our 87 among all five of us.

Those loyal 87 will doubtless be pleased to know we’ve finally got our act together to do some proper recording, and this is actively in progress at this very moment. Keep checking back for progress reports, announcements of which songs are to make it into the project, availability when complete, and so forth. More than one of us have recently had changes in our personal lives which should give us more spare time and energy to devote to what we like to call “music”, so you may wish to start running now.

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