Got to love obscure knowedge


As you’ll know if you’ve looked at it, the flyer for the 27th January gig features a photo of an old train. Which we thought no more of when we designed it than “this is a weird old photo, should look good on a flyer”.

But one of our fans (who shall remain nameless, although he runs the best music shop in Palmers Green) has been in touch to confirm that the locomotive pictured is in fact a “Milwaukee Bipolar” engine, which used to run passenger trains from the Midwest US to such places as Seattle, and that the photo can be dated between 1919 and 1939.

We are all but speechless in the face of such erudition, and can only be heard to mutter in subdued tones that ‘The Milwaukee Bipolars’ would make a great name for an indie band.

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