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Jogos de casino – aprendendo a superar a frustração

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Jogos de casino – aprendendo a superar a frustração

listados abaixo estão dezenas de milhares de idéias sobre como ganhar jogando jogos de casino online, no entanto, garantido fornece um pouco de relação com o barracão e, além disso, descobre como lidar. Independentemente de quão bem você esteja ciente da atividade e de seus requisitos específicos, finalmente, no clima econômico de hoje, uma ocasião em que qualquer sorte será afetada por um novo revés. A qualquer hora do dia, muitos acreditam realmente em uma variedade de raiva, para não mencionar o estresse, e basicamente começam a jogar sem pensar, e até gozam de altos sem boas razões para impedir quem se sente derrotado. Em última análise, isso sempre acompanha uma frustração mais semelhante.

Algumas inconveniências podem estar em toda parte. Algumas possuem um mal-entendido de como a mistura de pensamentos se desenvolve ao jogar ativamente através de casinos, sem ao mesmo tempo experimentar casino online baseados na Internet, mas ainda assim precisamos verificar com os jogadores dentro da rede. Eles prometem que, por esse motivo, acreditem que o agravamento desnecessário pratique em casas de jogo de ocorrência real e cassinos baseados na Internet. Controlando o bloqueio emocional real. , portanto, é melhor sentar e aprender a identificar seus problemas atuais e sair da aventura ou talvez Usando o Your Você pode jogar Roleta para criar mais dinheiro, faça o espaço 2, pois eles podem guiar diretamente para o seu renomado Ludopatia. Não ganhe nenhum erro pensando neles muito melhor para ficar e até recuperar a quantia de dinheiro, na verdade a pior idéia que você pode facilmente alcançar, pois nossas habilidades de execução e consideração não estão localizadas em seu próprio pico. Muito poucas sugestões ou talvez haja praticamente qualquer metodologia à prova de idiotas que possa ajudar a nos fazer. superar qualquer bloqueio mental que sofreu durante esse tempo.

Esteja preparado para os piores. A melhor maneira de evitar esses problemas únicos é geralmente comemorá-los novamente e estar preparado para o pior. Sempre que todo mundo tem uma carícia terrível envolvendo resultados ou mesmo perde um recipiente enorme, é sempre puro acreditar agravado; no entanto, deixe isso para trás, se você executar ao usar a percepção de que esses números já foram para proteção contra indivíduos, podemos ‘ Não remova os ânimos em que você deveria pensar irracionalmente. Atualmente, o ideal seria desistir da aprendizagem, independentemente de estarmos em um casino on-line, pois também participamos da Internet, apesar do fato de que em um processo acima mencionado isso pode ser um pouco mais difícil. um rompimento super fácil é suficiente para a frente do seu irritadiço. Pesquise o site, desça da cadeira e caminhe. Parte exterior, continue usando um colega e tente tomar um pouco de cafeína – qualquer coisa que possa ajudá-lo no seu truque de investimento. Para aqueles que desistiram, você descobrirá, após o que decidirá, independentemente de revisitar o jogo como um todo ou se quiser deixá-lo para outra ocasião.

Free gig

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

One for all you cheapskates: free gig on 12th July in Islington, N1, along with the Fish Mittens and Les Tosseurs. (If you like our stuff, you’ll like theirs too; this isn’t the usual collection of random bands slung together on the same night by an uninterested promoter). Full details on the flyer. Should be a couple of new songs ready…

In other news, this blog has finally bowed to the weight of spam comments, and now requires registration before posting a comment. Sorry to legitimate people, but such is the way of the net these days, Subbuteo.

And the beat goes on

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Donutsh are like the US Mail, or a glacier; a force which moves when you’re not looking and which is quite impossible to fight against or stop in its tracks.

The “We Are All Strange Jane” EP has been scoring some fab (and possibly even gear) responses. Take TV Smith, for instance — a musician whose vegetarian Doc Martens we are not worthy to moisten with our tongues: “Deliciously odd, totally convincing, I love it!” Or DJ Alan Dorey of Forest FM: “What a fine EP it is: the production is first class, the sound has been well mixed and it’s clear that the band are a pretty tight unit and know what they’re up to.”

Alan will, incidentally, be putting his money where his mouth is and playing us in his show, adding to other radio stations such as Camden Unsigned, XRP Radio (for whom we did a live session a few weeks back) and Federal Radio (where we regularly feature in their Top Ten unsigned artists as voted for by listeners).

So if you haven’t already headed over to Bandcamp to get your copy, do it now — act without thinking! It’s a mere £3, which won’t even buy you a frappucino in Starbucks these days… is the address you’ll be needing for that.

Another way to get it is to come to one of our gigs, and we have two of those coming up within the next week:

Friday 28 September: The Artisan, 11 Hall Lane, Chingford, E4 8HH (8pm); £5 with flyer (get it here). Easiest way to get there by public transport is a bus to Chingford Mount, and it’s right by Sainsbury’s.

Wednesday 3 October: Camden Rock, 18 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX (8pm): also £5, and you don’t need to bring a flyer, but we’ve done one anyway ‘cos we like doing flyers. Right by Camden Town tube, this one. Other bands include JJ Appleby, Montego Bay, Stroke Of Luck and Dewa — all more or less alt-rock.

We shan’t remind you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, because you’re all sensible people and do that already, right?

Until next time, sugar-pies!

Double punch!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

LEFT HOOK: As you may have seen on Twitter/FB we’ve been roped into an ultra-short-notice gig this week, because we’re so crazy keen like that: Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross. Thursday 22 March, 7pm. Supporting one of our local heroes here in Walthamstow, Rob Pyne, formerly of the Rifles and now with his new project, Last of the Troubadours. Should be a blast! Post a comment here, or click on the Facebook event, to confirm attendance, and we’ll add you to the cheap door list at £4, cor blimey, guv, how do they do it so cheap?

RIGHT CROSS: We got impatient — not to mention we were running out of excuses to give some of you who kept asking when they could buy downloads of the EP — so the answer is: now. A proper sales/merch page on this site will appear shortly (when our wonderful webmistress isn’t in the throes of moving house) but meanwhile, go to our Bandcamp page and you can download We Are All Strange Jane, or any portion thereof, for a wholly nugatory and derisory pittance. As the Bastables put it, “If what we have written brings happiness to any sad heart we shall not have laboured in vain. But we want the money too.”

Holy crap, here it is 2012 already

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Must be time for us to swoop down and cram another news update into your open ears like a worm down the throat of a baby bird.

First off — on Saturday 4th February, we play the Monto Water Rats at King’s Cross in the evening. This is actually the first gig we’ve had on a Saturday rather than on a school night, so no excuse not to come to it. There are scads of bands on all evening if you want to make a night of it, with The Deltorers headlining. It’s eight pounds on the door, BUT if you tell us you’re coming (or even may be coming) in advance, we’ll put your name on the Cheap List with the promoters and if you get there by 7.30pm, that’ll cost you just six squids. Leave a comment here, or click the button on Facebook, or talk to us or… something.

There should be at least one or two new songs which will see their first performance at the Water Rats, by the way, including “Demon Core”, our story of the Los Alamos nuclear scientists who were killed in a criticality accident while working on a nuclear warhead with… a screwdriver. (Srsly.)

Meanwhile there’s lots of interest in the “We Are All Strange Jane” EP, including (gosh) some radio play, especially from the highly esteemed XRP Radio‘s Thursday Breakdown show. The 4 tracks will, therefore, be available on Bandcamp very shortly; watch this space. In addition, in a fit of hubris we’ve had some snazzy T-shirts printed up with the EP cover design, white on black. These will also be flogged on the Bandcamp page shortly, but meantime, if anyone can’t wait, here’s a SPECIAL OFFER: email us ( saying “OMG I want a T shirt” and it’s yours for a flat tenner, including postage anywhere in the world. Cuttin’ our own froats, aren’t we, guv. Awright.

More gigs should be in the pipeline after this one, so keep ‘em peeled.

Small earthquake in Holloway

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Dotting in momentarily here to let you know that we have another London gig for y’all, this one a short-notice affair at the Nambucca, Holloway Road (Holloway Road tube, or Upper Holloway overground) this Wednesday. This is a new venue for us, in our continuing campaign to take over all of the capital. We’ll be just one of a glittering line-up who you can see for £4 entry if you print off the flyer linked just above (don’t forget, or else it’s £7 on the door!)

Plans continue to be hatched to make the EP “We Are All Strange Jane” available for purchase as well as listening, both as a download and in physical form. Keep watching the skies!

One door closes, another opens

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Well, so much for the poor old Standard Music Venue. (A most inaccurate name, I always thought; it was an awesome music venue, and not standard in the least!) We saw it off in style with our rawkin’est gig yet, assisted by two bands we’ve played with before, Kickstarter and Third Wave — with whose members we ended up outside the back door at one point, a dozen of us all confessing our love for Weezer (!) and naming our favourite songs by them — plus some new names to us, The Stabilisers, who let us use their drums and bass amp, and who played bloody well. Kickstarter and Third Wave both have EPs out and both are worth checking…

… but naturally we hope you’ll look at our EP first. All four tracks are now listenable right here on the website, replacing the rather mouldy old demos we had here before. And if you want downloadable copies, or a CD version (with spiffy cover art and a joke on the back cover) … watch this space for further announcements — plus a surprise! — shortly.

“Strange Jane” has already been played on a US radio station, which makes us feel extremely smug.

“Tonight Matthew, we’re going to be musicians”

Monday, October 31st, 2011

So… yes. We’ve completed what is either our first 4-track EP, or else our first proper demo tape, depending on which way you look at it. And we’re really pleased with it; it sounds astonishing. Soon we’ll be announcing what you can do to listen to the tracks — keep watching!

Meantime, don’t forget the gig at the Standard on 10th November is coming up soon.

But for now, here’s a quote from Mark Radcliffe’s autobiography “Thank You For The Days” which rang a loud bell with us:

“I’ve been in a band since I was fourteen years old… I’d never been good enough at sport to warrant being included in a proper team, and always rather envied those who experienced the camaraderie you get when you’re all pushing towards a common goal. Once I was in a band, though, I realised that here was the gang I’d been looking for. Bands are small private clubs in which peculiar roles apply, unspoken hierarchies prevail, despite lip service being paid to the vague notion of democracy, and shared adventures are guaranteed. Since I discovered all that, a band is just something I’ve had to have to make life seem complete.”

Which pretty much sums up our position to a T. You out there — yes, you – if you have the faintest interest in music, go and get a band together. Now. Don’t wait. Don’t wonder. It’s the best thing in the world and anyone can do it.

Just a quick update

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Don’t forget that we’re playing the Standard at Walthamstow on 10th November. As you’ll recall the Standard is closing down after a long and very honourable career as a live music and comedy venue, and we’re very glad to have squeezed in a final gig there to say goodbye to the dear old place. For those of you who may be pondering coming from a little way off, the Standard is the easiest venue in the world to get to; you take the Victoria Line tube to Blackhorse Lane, come out of the station and it’s staring you in the face. There’s now a flyer on our website which, if you print it off and bring it along, will get you in for a fiver rather than £6. (Despite what it says, we don’t suggest hauling 250 roubles along…)

“What about those studio recordings you were doing?” you cry. Aha, we say. Two tracks are done, but there’s still just a tiny bit of work to do on the other two… Watch this space for a few days if you want to find out details of all four tracks, and be able to listen to them. There’s some other news associated with this too, but that’s also still under embargo for a few days more…

Oh I do like to walk along the prom prom prom

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

After our frankly triumphant gig at the St Moritz a month ago things have outwardly been a bit quiet here, partly because some of us have been on our summer holidays, but also because we’ve been buckling down and are doing our first proper demo tape (which appears to be what most people still call it, despite the fact that tape has nothing to do with it). We seem to work well in the studio, and are certainly enjoying the hell out of the process. Watch this space for more details shortly!

Meantime, though, last night four of us (minus Blacksnip, who couldn’t make it) went out to the Proms in the Park, in honour of Camrath’s birthday. It was interesting to note how the different band members responded to the entertainment in different ways:

Shazomei sat, rapt, listening to every piece of music on offer

Ullan sang along to everything, and despite being Belgian knew all the words (including the various British patriotic songs for which the majority of the audience knew about two lines of the lyrics)

Klepsie sat scribbling in a songwriting notebook (“so I don’t have to listen to Westlife”)

And Camrath went to the bratwurst van.

Afterwards, drink flowed, and people became a little silly. Ullan danced a hornpipe; we turned “Rule Britannia” into a barbershop quartet; and then we sang Monty Python’s “Knights of the Round Table” lyrics when the concert got to “Land of Hope and Glory”. I don’t know how we avoided being lynched, or arrested for treason.

A good night.