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Hello! My name is Simon Quinlank!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

As you should know by now I am the Duke of Hobbies. This is better than all other hobby nobility because they are only marquises or earls of hobbies and Dukes get to wear nicer coronets than them. Ha! I am here tonight to tell you of a new hobby which you all can do, and here is what you will need for this hobby:
–A computer with internet connection
–A printer
–A pair of ears
–A flask of weak lemon drink

This hobby is called ‘Being a fan of that super up and coming group the Donutsh’. In order to do this hobby you first need to go to the Donutsh’ website and see where they’re playing next. Today I see their next gig is at the 229 in London on Thursday 19th May — ha! Perfect. Then you need to find the flyer for their gig, which is usually on the website too, unless the band have been crap and forgotten to get their webmistress to put it up in time. Print a copy off, and off you go to the gig! You might like to drink your flask of weak lemon drink on the way, as some venues don’t like you bringing your own drink in and arguing with security guards may spoil your enjoyment of the Donutsh’ piquant original compositions.

When you get to the venue you need to go to the man on the door and say “Is this the venue where the Donutsh are playing a gig tonight? ANSWER ME!” If he says yes you show him a copy of the flyer, pay him and go inside. And then you listen to the music! If you’re really enthusiastic about this hobby you can dance while they play. But if you want to declare your eternal love for the Donutsh, or rub yourself all over Camrath’s lithe muscular body, it is best to wait till they’ve finished the set.

And that is all from me about this hobby! Isn’t it a cracking hobby!

East London roundup

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Having survived jury service, a most unpleasant ordeal I hope never to have to undergo again, time at last to catch up with things musical.

The Romford gig went well despite Daddy Amp (largest of the family Daddy Amp, Mummy Amp and Baby Amp) developing a fit of the sulks at soundcheck, leaving us having to borrow another from Last of the Waiting (thanks again, guys). The Bitter End is a cracking little venue and the guv’nor there very easy to deal with. We’ll be back, I hope.

Next up comes our West End debut on 6th April. We’re first up in a lineup of four followed by Model Railway Exhibition, De Shamonix, and Elize Kellman. It’s another bring-a-flyer-for-a-quid-off do, so cast your eyes up the page a little way and you’ll find a link to download ours from. The promoter sez that if we bring enough people we’ll get rebooked, so if you’ve been meaning to check us out and not got round to it, make this gig the one you get to, eh?

A few plugs to close with. At Romford we also shared the bill with Chelmsford’s The Library Suits, and I think it’s fair to say that if you like our stuff you’ll also like theirs. They’ve just finished recording a new album which should be well worth grabbing once it’s released. Their video for “You Don’t Have To Be A Wizard” is a hoot.

Terrorvision‘s new album “Super Delux” is their first in ten years, with a new drummer, but you’d hardly think they’d been away; it’s a triumphant return to their high points of the mid-90s such as “Regular Urban Survivors” and “How To Make Friends And Influence People”, and they score extra brownie points for making the first two lines of the first song a huge great salute to the late, great Kirsty MacColl. Too often bands which reform are a pale, washed-out shadow of their former selves. Buy this album and send Terrorvision the message that they, at least, are welcome to regroup any time they can bring something this good to the party.

Other good bands seen live recently include Run Don’t Walk and Hercules Rockafella both of whom were high points of the first Most Rated night at the Rhythm Factory last night in Whitechapel. Herc Rock are another band with a video to check out.

Romford rumble

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Less than a week to go now to our Romford gig. We’re sharing a stage with Last Of The Waiting, whose energetic metal-punk should compliment our stuff interestingly. Flyer is now on the site, though (contrary to our webmistress’s remarks) you don’t need to print this one off because the gig is FREE ENTRY! (woo). We just like making flyers, is all (and thanks to the various music shops in Romford that have put them on the counter).

It’s a mighty long way, though it may sound silly, from Romford High Street to Piccadilly

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Which being translated means that we have two more gigs to announce.

One has already been sitting in the box at bottom right for a few days; 16th March at the Bitter End, 15 High St, Romford RM1 1JU.

After that, we’re pleased to announce our first central London gig: 6th April at the Comedy, 7 Oxendon Street, London SW1Y 4EE (between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, and not, I am advised, to be confused with the Comedy Store which is next to it, or the Comedy Theatre down the street).

Need I add that this last one has got us really stoked?

More nearer the time, I’m sure…

Walthamstow, re-re-loaded

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Argh! The gremlins are still biting us! The Walthamstow gig has had to be once more rescheduled — we shall now be playing the Standard, Blackhorse Lane, E17 6TD, on Thursday 27th January. Hope to (finally) see many of you there. Off now to update the flyers…

Walthamstow, reloaded

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

We can now confirm that the Walthamstow gig that was nobbled by snow this month has been rebooked for 20th January 2011. Same venue (The Standard, Blackhorse Lane). Flyer and suchlike to follow shortly.

Let’s hope that the bloody weather co-operates this time (at the moment of writing, more snow is forecast within 24 hours…)

We’re also hoping to have some more gigs in early 2011 to announce quite soon.

Walthamstow gig tonight (2 Dec) **CANCELLED**

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Or as Ullan gloomily put it, “Donutsh defeated by icing!”

With 40% of the band snowbound, and with one of the other bands on the bill similarly nobbled by the weather, we’ve had to pull tonight’s gig.

We hope to have a replacement Walthamstow date announced within a few days.

Between snow and Icelandic volcanoes, this makes our second gig this year to have been cancelled by atmospheric conditions, and it’s getting rather tiresome…

Ah well, more famous musicians than us are also in a similar boat. Why is Britain the only country where it snows regularly that doesn’t have the faintest idea of how to deal with it?

Status of tonight’s gig

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Teetering in the balance due to the goddamn snow. Two out of the five of us live outside London and both are pretty badly affected by it. We may have to cancel; final decision on this will be made 2pm or so.

Wish us luck, people. We will be there if there’s any way at all for us to make it.

Little known band perils #5,271,009: other bands

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

The Dartford gig on Saturday 20th November was an absolute blast. (Setlist, for ease of reference: The Only Fool; We Are The Struts; Rock and Roll Retard; Strange Jane; Rod Serling; Skullhead; Time Is No Cage; The Land That Taste Forgot; Johnny Don’t Care; Happy Birthday To You — this last being trad.arr.Donutsh and rocked up a la Ramones. The birthday girl seemed to appreciate it.) We greatly enjoyed being able to raid the party buffet after the gig finished, and gave out no end of ‘Donutsh’ and ‘Rock and Roll Retard’ badges. Quite did our egos good to see half the party sporting them.

But you’re waiting for me to explain the title of this post, so I shall. Towards the end of the night the end of the pub supposedly reserved for the party was invaded by another band. We never did find out the name of this punk outfit, but we very soon found out that they Don’t Like Skinheads You Know; it was hard not to find this out, since it seemed to be their sole topic of conversation. Several of them cast glances at Camrath’s crew-cut, but luckily he was about twice the size of most of them. “Skinheads are worse than Nazis!” proclaimed one to me. “I saw a skinhead in the audience at our gig, so I stopped playing ‘Rockaway Beach’ and jumped on him.”

“Ah yes, those skinheads and their nasty concentration camps,” I wanted to say, but cowardice stopped me. I’ll say it here though, as the next best thing; arseholes like this are a disgrace to punk music and to all music, and the spirit of Joey Ramone would be turning in its grave if he knew a mean-spirited little sod like this was covering his songs. The Donutsh abhor racism and bigotry, and what’s more, we promise never to stop playing in the middle of a song just to twat an audience member, no matter how much they heckle us.

We gave these mental and musical giants ‘Rock and Roll Retard’ badges to shut them up, and eventually they wandered off  sporting them proudly, with no evident idea of the irony inherent in the situation, to be swallowed up by the night — an unsavoury mouthful.