Here are some other places you can find us:

Here are some other musicians we like. Lesser known ones only; you can take it for granted that we like bands such as Pulp, Weezer, The Waterboys, Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner etc etc etc, but they're famous and don't need plugs from the likes of us to spread their fame (besides which Weezer's website is as atrocious a piece of design as we've ever seen, as bad as their music is good...)

Finally, a few more odds and sods.

  • Electrohill mend our guitars when we break them though rocking too hard
  • Pulse Studios is where we rehearse and work out how to rock harder
  • Vic Fieger - Designed the font we use in our logo. Also cartoonist of note.
  • Doklands - A music blogger we like.
  • Left And To The Back - Another music blogger we like.
  • Anorak Thing - You guessed it, a third music blogger we like.
  • Walthamstow Scene - Where it's at and happening. Man.
  • The Standard Music Venue - a music venue in our corner of north-east London of which we approve.
  • Finally, our friend, webmistress and general partner in crime Alice Dryden, to whom a tip o'the plectrum in eternal thanks

Thanks also to Stuart Dickson and George Hamilton for photographs used on this site.